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If you need a special abrasive formulation and can't find it anywhere, just call Eagle.

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When standard grades are not sufficient or problem applications arise, we have the technology and human resources to create timely solution. We make abrasive products to spec from top grade materials.

Eagle's Kiln

Special alloy molds are used for dimensional uniformity and performance consistency. Wheels are precision fired in microprocessor controlled kilns capable of duplicating critical firing temperature profiles. Each Eagle product is subjected to rigorous quality audits, including optic and sonic analysis, to ensure total wheel to wheel consistency.

Our customers know they can count on us for ready availability and fast delivery through an easily accessible distribution network.

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For the past 124 years, we at Eagle Grinding Wheel have met the custom grinding wheel needs of customers nationwide.

We Are a Manufacturer of High Quality Products

We offer quality custom engineering, as well as special product lines, such as our ceramic SE program, which features 3M Cubitron™ abrasive.

All of our wheels are proudly made in-house at our facility in Chicago, IL, and all of our wheels exceed ANSI safety requirements.

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